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acm contest Updated 12:24 Oct 17 2015
Regional Director: Edward Corwin

Information for Coaches Mid-Central USA Region
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Coaches, in order to participate you must register in the ICPC system, which is totally separate from this regional web site. You will use that ICPC account to make, edit, or review team registrations. The ICPC site states that registration must be complete no later than seven days before the contest, but our actual deadline is fourteen days before the contest. You have been warned!

You must:

  1. Assemble one or more teams, each consisting of exactly three eligible* students each, plus an optional reserve. This PDF flowchart might help clarify the eligibility rules.
  2. Fully register your team(s) before the deadline. You must provide complete team member information before the deadline, or the registration will be cancelled.
  3. Understand the regional contest rules.
  4. Study the notes to teams.
  5. Be familiar with your site's facilities.
  6. Help your team(s) practice.
  7. Arrange for transportation to and from the contest.
  8. Make sure your teams have money for lunch, in case the site doesn't provide it for them. (Your lunch will be provided.)

Coach's FAQ

Coach's FAQ

  1. How do I register a second/assistant coach?

    In the ICPC Registration system, add the additional coach to the team as an Attendee, then type in Assistant Coach as both the Badge Role and the Certificate Role.

  2. How do I cancel a team reservation?

    You have to contact the Regional Contest Director to cancel a reservation.

  3. How much is the registration fee?

    Currently, all fees are paid by our sponsor, IBM.

  4. Why is there an absolute, final, non-negotiable registration deadline?

    Immediately after the registration deadline we need to make binding commitments for food, T-shirts, and other amenities. Many of our sites are at or over capacity and we need to let teams know who can participate and who can't.

  5. Why do I have to have all my team members completely registered by the deadline?

    This is the cost of free registration. Students who complete their registration are making a commitment to attending the contest. We don't have the resources to support no-show teams.

  6. What happens if my students are not completely registered by the deadline?

    You will be asked to pay the costs of that team in order for your registration to be accepted. Note that your students will still have to be completely registered in order for the team to compete.

  7. What happens if my team fails to show up for the contest?

    You will be asked to pay the costs of that team. Failure to pay will jeopardize registration in future years.

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